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Quality, environmental and occupational-safety policy

Quality, environmental and occupational-safety policy

Kapsch BusinessCom GmbH is certified according to:

  • ISO 9001: Quality management
  • ISO 14001: Environmental management
  • ISO 27001: Information security management
  • OHSAS 18001: Occupational health and safety management

In keeping with our philosophy, strategy, concept and mission, our quality, environmental and occupational-safety policy is:

Declaration of commitment

With the introduction of the integrated management system, management and all employees are committed to preventing injury and illness, complying with the applicable legal requirements, as well as customer requirements and avoiding any kind of pollution.

The customer

The customer is our first priority. His task is the guideline for our thoughts and actions. The tasks of our customers reflect the current and future needs of the market. Particularly with regard to quality, environment, occupational health and safety and information security, our services and products must fully meet the requirements of our customers. They are entitled to a high standard of quality, environmental, occupational and information security. We meet customer requirements in a highly qualified and economically fair manner. A short-term profit should never endanger our long-term partnerships. The handling of our customers' data does not only fulfil the legal requirements. Document classifications are used to classify our customers' data and thus regulate further handling of them. Our satisfied customer is the basis for every kind of success, further development of our company and a guarantee for secure jobs.


Quality, environmental awareness and information security, as well as occupational health and safety are increasingly becoming decisive competitive factors. All of this must be carried from within, i. e. from the company, which can only be achieved through the appropriate awareness of the individual employees.
The continuous further training of employees is therefore of great importance and thus promotes the knowledge of employees in the areas of quality and environment, as well as in occupational health and safety and the safety of information.

Kapsch BusinessCom GmbH – the company

Our efforts to provide high-quality solutions in the field of "innovative voice and data networks" as well as to provide services must be based on economic considerations, as this is the basis for every entrepreneurial activity.

We see our entire management in terms of quality, environment, occupational health and safety and information security as important economic factors that contribute to improving the competitiveness of our company.
Compliance with legal requirements is a duty of all. The environmental regulations are just as self-evident for us as the compliance with customer requirements. The entire company contributes to ensuring that its actions do not pollute the environment.
We want to and will weigh up every use of resources under economic and ecological aspects. Every form of waste harms our environment, our company, our development and, ultimately, our jobs.
Identifying risks in any relationship and acting accordingly is also fundamental to us. This applies not only to occupational safety risks, but also to the risks associated with the management of information. In order to give our customers security in joint projects, all risk factors are considered and minimized as far as possible.

Continuous improvement process (CIP)

Our daily actions in compliance with all relevant standards, regulations and laws are subject to a continuous improvement process.
This applies to quality, the environment, information security and occupational health and safety. In this way, an optimum performance of tasks is always to be ensured. Furthermore, accidents and near-accidents are to be avoided and any risk of data misuse is to be avoided.
Only the continuous optimization of our actions, our products and our processes (process-oriented approach) will secure us a decisive competitive advantage in the future. Through continuous improvements we ensure that all customer requirements can be met by us in a modern, reliable and economical way.

Information security

Information security serves as an instrument to implement the requirements that our customers, suppliers and employees place on us. Their aim is to protect all data of our customers, suppliers and employees and therefore, besides quality, the environment and occupational safety, they have a high priority in the company. The strategy for determining information security risks is derived from the Kapsch Group and integrated into our existing information security management system. From this analysis, the goals are also derived to minimize relevant security risks. Important electronic information and documents are classified into categories to regulate their handling and distribution.

Wolfgang Matschke